Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Must-Have Make Up Tools!

Achieving a flawless face look isn’t only about the make up, but more on how it’s applied. The right makeup tools could help you get your aimed makeup goals easily. Laura Mercier has once said ‘Every brush, like other must-have make up tools, has its very own function.’ However you do not need them all and instead choose ones that make sense for you. Let me suggest you some of the most essential and easy for you to use too. Let’s take a look, because you might want to have them in your makeup bag!

This eye shadow brush is good enough for you to apply your eye colour accurately and it helps preserving the colour too.

As we age, you would notice that the skin around the eyes is delicate and sometimes can get a little bit saggy or crinkly. This would make it difficult for you to apply eye makeup on that area smoothly and evenly. So this is when a small, narrow brush would come in handy. A small and tight brush would also help create eyes that really pop!

When it comes to powder eye shadow, I advise you to not put your fingers in the powder blush to prevent it from caking. Instead, use a blush brush to go for perfect rosy-coloured cheeks.

Never ever apply foundation with your fingers. It is a big no-no! Because you will inevitably slather on more than you actually need and as a result it will appear uneven. Use sponges because they are best to be used to apply foundation.

Lastly, your makeup bag won’t be completed without tweezers. They are not just to tailor your eyebrows but could do magic to remove unwanted facial hair on the face.

Thank you so much for reading this post, stay tuned for a lot more! :)

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  1. I still prefer to use brushes for applying my foundation rather than sponges. Tapi sponges memang bagi finishing lagi cantik~ Hehe

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