Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Tony Moly Lovely Slim Lip Stick Berry Berry in Beige BE01

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Hi guys! I'm back with another lipstick review! As you may or may not know, lipstick is probably one of my favourite beauty products to review. :D If you've read my previous haul post, you might already know that I was going to do a review on this beaut. I always loved Tony Moly lipsticks, they're cute and they have good qualities with affordable prices. Let's move on to the review if you'd like to know more about this product!

I'm not quite sure cause I got it from a giveaway. :)

Not sure about this either. Sorry :/

The Tony Moly Lovely Slim Lip Stick Berry Berry comes in a white plastic tube. The design is nothing special, although I am a packaging freak, I don't really mind if the design is not as pretty, as long as the actual product is good. This particular lipstick in the shade Beige BE01 is actually a medium baby pink with no glitters in it. The texture of this lipstick is pretty good, it glides on so easily, so buttery and moisturising. It has a nice fruity scent which I like. I personally like scented lip products, but if you don't like scented lipsticks then maybe you'd not like this one. The pigmentation is average, not super duper pigmented, just nice for an everyday lipstick. So far I'm liking this product and would love to try the other colours. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find, I've tried Qoo10 (where I got most of my korean beauty products from) and I couldn't find it. :(

Bare lips with no lip balm

With Tony Moly Lovely Slim Lip Stick Berry Berry in Beige BE01

With Tony Moly Lovely Slim Lip Stick Berry Berry in Beige BE01

I loved how moisturising it is and the colour payoff is pretty good too. :)

Good pigmentation

Hard to get it here where I live

Maybe :)


So that is the end of my review. I am loving this product so far, such a lovely colour for everyday wear. I've been wearing a lot of cool-toned colours lately for lipsticks and blushes, it's kind of weird because I used to hate cool-toned colours. Sometimes it's nice to have some changes, right? Anyway, thank you so much for reading this post, stay tuned for a lot more! Assalamualaikum.

P.S: All photos were taken by my sister, Nadhirah Ismailjee. Thank you! :)

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  1. I think its available in the Tony Moly stores :D not so sure, must check it out. Andddd the colour is lovely <3

    1. Ohh really? Thank you for informing! Hehe. Yesss the colour is gorgeous! <3

  2. its cute! wish i can have it as well in my favourite red color ^_^

    1. Hehe it's really cute! Wow, I don't have the guts to wear reds, yet. :)

  3. Cantik la warnanya! Sesuai dengan Nabilah. :)

    Suka packaging yang ada love print. <3

    1. Hehe thank you June! <3 A'ah comel juga kan. :)

  4. korea brand!!! element cute mmg ada.. even simple tapi love tuuuu comel. The color suit you dear

    1. Hehe thank you dear! Yes I love korean brands too! <3

  5. Such a pretty shade and perfect for any skin tone <3


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