Monday, October 7, 2013

Quick Update

Hi guys! Just giving you guys a heads-up, will be having another Bourjois sale this Tuesday/Wednesday. If you're interested to join order with me (to save on the crazy expensive shipping), please contact me through Facebook (Nabilah Ismailjee) or drop me an email at I might also take orders for LA Girl sale (the LA Girl Pro HD concealer is so tempting, heard so much good things about it!) if any of you guys are interested. Thank you!


  1. i almost bought the BH brush hari tu. but tak dapat because i need my sister for the payment and she was too busy for that. sumpah sedih gila!!

    1. Laa yeke kesiannya. :( akak cari orang nak share order kot haritu. Aida contact akak lah next time kalau nak order k.

    2. im surely will contact you!! glad you are here akak! muah muahmuah


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