Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Stila Merry & Bright Palette

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to review the Stila Merry & Bright Palette. I've bought this palette about months ago and I did include it in my Collective Haul. So let's get started.

£12.50 or RM59 ( It was on sale for £5 or RM23++)


Stila Merry & Bright Palette comes with 6 beautiful neutral eyeshadows and a Stila Convertible Color in Lillium. The set also comes with a Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten. I'm not sure if it's a mini size but it is quite a good size. I actually bought this set because of the Lip Glaze. I'm going to do a separate review for the Lip Glaze because it deserves one. The eye shadows weigh about 0.26 oz or 7.5 g in total while the Convertible Color weighs about 0.08 oz or 2.2 g. That's a pretty good amount of product. The palette is a cardboard based palette with magnetic closure. It is also really small (about the size of my palm) and thin so it's really good for travelling. Now, the thing that I don't really like about this palette is the shadows. I think the shadows are poorly made and they lack of pigmentation. The quality is just not there. I am a bit picky when it comes to eye shadows so maybe it's just me. 

I'm thinking of doing this for an EOTD, what do you guys think? :)

Lillium  is a soft baby pink lip and cheek cream. It applies very smoothly and gorgeously pigmented. I've tried using my fingers and a brush to apply it and it works well both ways. This Convertible Color is actually what makes the palette worth it. This palette is nothing but an overly priced crappy eye shadow palette without this Convertible Color. Ohh, I've also tried it on the lips but I think it's a bit drying for the lips.
Molasses  is a shimmery dark brown colour. It is quite smooth but the pigmentation is just okay.
Chill  is a matte nude colour. This shadow is quite pigmented for a matte shadow but applies patchy.
Glisten  is a shimmery peachy nude colour with frost finish. I'm not a big fan of frosty eye shadows but this one is very pretty. It is fairly pigmented but not as soft.
Butterscotch  is a matte medium brown colour. The pigmentation is good but it is kind of patchy but not as bad as Chill.
Ebony  is a matte dark grey almost black colour. This shadow is so disappointing. It looks really beautiful in the palette but when swatched, the pigmentation is just not there. I like my black to be really black, so this one is a let down for me.
Joyful  is a shimmery orangey brown colour. It is well pigmented and applies smoothly.

I was a bit disappointed with the shadows because I expected them to be super pigmented since it's Stila. But I'm still glad that I did purchase this palette because I really love the Convertible Color. Plus it was only RM23++. If I paid the full price for this palette, I'd be really mad.

Love love love the Convertible Color!
Shimmery shadows are quite pigmented
The packaging is small and sleek, great for travelling

The mattes are pretty disappointing, especially Ebony.
The shadows are not good enough for me.


If it is on sale, yes, but I do not recommend you paying full price for this palette. It's just not worth it. 

So that's the end of my review. Hope you guys enjoyed the review. Ohh and please stay tuned for a lot more reviews. Thank you so much for reading my blog! <3 p="">

P.S: All photos were taken by my sister, Nadhirah Ismailjee. Thanks to her!



  1. comel! colour pun natural ja..malangnya sy xreti pkai eyeshadow..slalu eyeliner dgn maskara je..huhu..

    1. Hehe. Dulu saya pun tak reti pakai eyeshadow jugak, tapi bila tengok tutorial, lama2 practice okay dah. Shu try lah! :)


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