30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 17

by - May 09, 2013

It's Day 17 already! Yay! I cheated a lot because I don't do the challenge everyday, but it's okay, better late than never right? I also have some other posts in my to-do list that I've neglected. I am such a bad blogger. :( So today's topic is about my highs lows of this past year. Here are my highs and lows:

  • I was still trying to move on after the bad break up 3 years ago. It took me 2 years to be fully recovered.
  • I opened my own salon in May, 2012. It was one of the best day of my life.
  • But then I figured I've made the biggest mistake, I didn't really love my job.
  • Met a lot of people, I'm not a really shy person anymore.
  • Started my blog in August. Best decision I've ever made.
  • Had a really crazy fasting month. Making 'kuih raya' for my sister's customers is definitely not the easiest thing to do. It was really tiring.
  • Got my first sponsor for product review, I was really excited and happy that people actually read my blog. Finally, something that I've done right.
  • I decided to wear hijab and I'm glad I did. :)
  • Been single, until now, and happy that I can stay being single. 
  • I lost my best friend because I treated her really badly. I took her for granted. I regret it every single day until now. I'm sorry. :( 
  • My cat, Kero went missing. My family and I was really sad because we loved her so much. :(
  • Baobao (my current cat), came into our lives not long before we lost Kero. And she's our sweet heart now.
  • Went to Malaysia vs Manchester City game and it was awesome! 
  • My sister saw a kitten hit by a car right in front of our house, the kitten was not in a good condition so my sister took care of her. That's how we got our second cat, Kara. She's all grown up now.

Song of the day:
Comes and Goes (In Waves) by Greg Laswell


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