Tuesday, May 7, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 15

Well, Tumblr was my favourite website few years ago. If you guys want to check out my Tumblr, here's the link:


I don't update everyday there but I do maybe once or twice a week. I'm starting to fall in love with Tumblr again, right after doing some research for this post. I've had Tumblr for a while now and still loving it. I think Tumblr is the only website that doesn't change, I mean it is still as fun as before. So if you don't have a Tumblr, you should definitely make one. If you love good photographs and arts or even cute stuff, you would love Tumblr. My favourite Tumblrs are tylerknott.com and imjennim.com.

1. tylerknott.com
Photo source: tylerknott.com

I kinda am in love with Tyler Knott at the moment. He is amazing, I love his Typewriter Series and, actually no, I love everything that he wrote. I suggest you check out his Tumblr, cause only then you'll know how good he is. He's also a photographer. Yup, he's perfect. Here's one of my favourite poem (I guess?) from him.

Photo source: tylerknott.com

Photo source: imjennim.com

I've featured her once in one of my favourites post before but I featured her as a vlogger. I found her Tumblr recently and gosh, she is freaking amazing. She is just too pretty and she has the best fashion sense, I mean I'm not even a big fashion person.

Song of the day:
The Daylight by Andrew Belle


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