Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Respect Palette

Hello readers! As you guys know, I got this palette from Magic Chic. Thank you so much Shazil! :) I've featured this palette in an EOTD post before, click here to read it

RM 50++

Unfortunately, yes.

Sleek i-Divine Respect Palette comes in a matte black plastic palette. The palette is really sturdy and compact. It consists of 12 beautiful eye shadows. Each shadow weighs about 1.1 gram or 0.03 oz. It also comes with a double-ended sponge applicator which is what I use to make the swatches. This is my second Sleek palette and I think they have really good affordable eye shadow palette.

Gladys White is a matte true white. It is fairly pigmented and the texture is really soft and smooth.
James Brown is a shimmery taupe colour. Super pigmented and buttery smooth! This is one of my favourite colours in this palette.
Shalamar is a brownish nude colour. It is not too pigmented but you can definitely build it up.
Roberta Black is a matte black colour. I expected this colour to be highly pigmented jet black colour, but nah. It is kind of disappointing, the texture is pretty soft but it lacks of pigmentation.
Vandellas is a matte dark maroon or reddish purple colour. This shadow is not pigmented at all (don't be fooled with the swatch, it took me 4883879874 swipes to get the intensity in the picture). The texture is not as soft as other shadows. This shadow is really disappointing.
Cameo Cream is a matte cream colour which looks almost the same as Gladys White. It is really smooth but applies a little bit chalky (as you can see in the picture).

Count Basi Beige is a matte yellow based cream colour. It is fairly pigmented and soft too.
Aretha Orange is a shimmery true orange colour. The pigmentation is okay, not super super pigmented.
Otis Red is a shimmery hot pink colour. So beautiful and pigmented. 
Motown Mink is a really light brown colour and it is matte too. As you can see, it looks invisible in the picture but believe me, I swiped a good amount of shadow there. I don't know whether the pigmentation is really bad or it matches my skin really well. 
O'Jays is a shimmery coral colour which is my favourite colour of all! Look how beautiful it is! It reminds me Sleek Blush in Rose Gold (which I've been craving for so long). The texture is really, really smooth and super pigmented. What you see is what you get.
New Jack Pink is a matte Barbie pink colour. It is not so pigmented.

I use only this palette to make my first EOTD. I fell in love with O'Jays at the first swipe. I love how shimmery and opaque it is. And then I used Vandellas to deepen the outer corner of my eyes. And it doesn't appear no matter how much I put it. But I'm so impressed with most of the shimmery shadows especially James Brown and O'Jays. They're so beautiful.

Beautiful colours
Shimmery colours are highly pigmented

Some of the matte shadows are not pigmented

I don't know. :/ The mattes are too disappointing. 

If you're okay with sheer eye shadows, then yes.

Overall, I do like this palette especially because I won it. And the shimmery shadows are so beautiful. Ohh, don't forget to check out Shazil's blog, here's the link:

Anyway, thank you much for reading my blog, hope you enjoy reading this post and please stay tuned for a lot more reviews.

P.S: As usual, photos were taken by my sister, Nadhirah Ismailjee



  1. Soooo pretty! You're right about O'Jays! if I had this too it'd be love at first swipe XDD The photos are so clear, love it :D
    You're also right about the mattes though. Sleek mattes aren't as pigmented as we'd like lol but their shimmers are so on point.

    1. Hehe. I'm in love with O'Jays! I've been looking for that kind of colour for so long! :) Yeah the mattes could be better but I love their Ultra Mattes V2 palette, the mattes in that palette are incredibly pigmented. Anyway, thank you so much for reading my blog, ohh and thanks for the compliments too. :)

  2. Hi dear, thanks so much for the backlink, I really appreciate it :D Your sister are very good at taking pictures, I love the macro shots. Oh yes, I agreed that O'Jays looks like Rose Gold blush. I have the blush, it gives your cheeks a nice coral flush with golden sheen undertone. You should try Rose Gold too sis, definitely will look good on you :D

    1. Hi there! You're most welcome. :D Aww thanks Shazil, she is very talented, I wish I could take good pictures like that too. Hehe. :P Yup, they look almost the same right? I'm sure I'm going to try the blush soon. It's too pretty, I can't contain myself anymore. :D


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