Friday, April 19, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 7

As you guys know, I'm a few days late for Day 7 challenge. But oh well, what can I do? I was too busy to update my blog. So anyway, here's the topic, "Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality". Okay personally, I don't believe in zodiac so I had to Google what the personalities are and compare them with my own personalities.

I was born on 16th of July, 1991 so my zodiac sign is Cancer. Based on this website, there are positive and negative personalities for Cancerians. So let's start with the positives first. They said that a cancerian is "gentle, kind-hearted, romantic and sensitive". I don't know about kind-hearted and gentle, but yes, I am romantic and sensitive. I love romantic things, because they makes me feel happy. Ohh and I'm so sensitive. I watched Brave for the first time few days back and I cried, like a baby. I don't know, I can't watch a sad scene without bursting into tears. That's how sensitive I am. So the next thing they said was, cancerians "have a wonderful imagination and you might express your creativity through music, poetry and/or art". Ohh well, I'm not sure about this. I don't think I'm creative. I don't play music, I don't do poetry or even art. But I do love crafting. Like making a card or something like that. But not all the time though. Next is, we "have an excellent memory with an interest in all things that are old and ancient". Now that is not true, I hate history, so. Next thing is, "Cancerians are sensitive to other people's feelings and you gain wisdom through learning and through experience. Emotionally, you often pick up on things that other people overlook. People come to Cancerians with their worries and problems because they know they can rely on you for your sensitive advice. You have a talent for being able to put feelings into words and to unite creativity and imagination with efficiency. As a friend you are responsive and insightful". This might be true. :) "In romance you will be generous, giving and strongly protective towards your partner. You have a strong yearning to love and to be loved and you are a sympathetic listener." Okay this is so true, I'm protective when it comes to love but not strongly, slightly maybe. :P And the last sentence is definitely how I would describe myself. 

So to the negatives, starting with, "The negative Cancerian can be moody and over-sensitive. You might imagine problems are bigger than they actually are and worry drives you into your protective shell as a means of preventing you from getting hurt any further. This is when you will refuse to open up to other people as you withdraw more into yourself." This is so true! I always keep my problems with myself. "The negative Cancerian is so ruled by emotions that the mood changes you go through will confuse those around you. You find it hard to take advice or criticism and you will react in a strongly defensive way." I have to say that this is true too. I do take advice but not every advice. "You have a great memory but you might tend to bring up old disagreements that other people have forgotten about when these would be better left buried in the past." Well, I agree. And I always hate it, I wish I could change it. "Being sensitive to other people, you might be easily influenced by those who wish to take advantage of your compassion and kindness." True. :(

That was fun. Most of the facts are true, except for the history thing. I enjoyed writing today's challenge but don't get me wrong, I still don't believe in zodiac. :)


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