Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

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I've always wanted to move to US. I once asked my mom about moving there, and she was so shocked. Things were really hard for me and I thought moving to somewhere that's far away from here could change everything (but I still want to move there if she let me). There's that one time, she did let me move and she asked what will I do to survive there, alone, do everything all by myself. I said I will find a job and friends, live wherever but here. LOL. We all go through that phase, right? :) I've always wanted to visit US because, I don't know, maybe because there's so much cheap makeups there? Haha. I just love everything about US.

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Makkah. :) I'm sure every Muslim wants to be there. It's the most beautiful place in the world. I hope I could afford to go there someday. 

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Maldives is second most beautiful place, in my opinion. I don't even love beaches but Maldives is too pretty. 

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Paris is also one of the places that I've always wanted to visit. 

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Cute things, sushi, technology and stuff, yes, I want to be in Japan!

Song of the day:
A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope


Review: Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Coppy Right

Hello everyone! It feels like forever since my last product review. I don't even know what to write anymore. I'm sorry if this review turns out a bit weird or anything.

RM 13 ++ (I'm not sure)

Watsons or other drugstore/pharmacies


The Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow comes in a plastic jar which contains 0.19 oz or 5.5 g. I wish it comes in a glass jar so that the product could last longer. I bought this cream shadow because I've always wanted to try the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (before they arrived in Malaysia) and I found this one that looks really similar to the Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (dupe alert!). I figured I would try it, and ended up loving it. What I really love about this product that it really does stay all day! It's crazy cause I never found anything like it before. It does fade if you wear it more than 6 hours, but 6 hours is already pretty good, in my opinion. I don't usually wear my makeup more than 6 hours because I just don't feel comfortable wearing makeup that long. If you have oily lids, I recommend using an eyeshadow primer first because it does crease if you wear it by itself even though you've set it powder. The pigmentation is okay, not the best though. Now, there's also something that I don't like about it. The texture. It is not as smooth as the Color Tattoo, so it applies a bit patchy. It requires more time to even it out to be compared to the Color Tattoo. But other than that, I'm happy with this product.

 Heavily swatch, blended.

I fell in love with it the first time I use it. I love that it doesn't smudge no matter how hard you try to smudge it. I didn't use an eye primer so it does crease.

Beautiful colour
Doesn't smudge
Last all day

Dries out pretty quick
I don't like the texture
It does crease without an eye primer

Probably not because I have found my new love (I love you Maybelline Color Tattoo!!)

Yes, but if you've tried Color Tattoo, you might not like this one.

Overall, I think this cream shadow is not really bad. It's average. I do love it but ever since I bought the Color Tattoo, I'm slowly abandoning it. So anyways, thank you so much for reading my blog. And stay tuned for a lot more reviews! :)

P.S: All photos above were taken by my sister, Nadhirah Ismailjee. Thanks sis!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mysale is Bringing Back theBalm!

I am so excited to tell you guys this great news! (Read my theBalm haul post here) I can't promise that the price is going to be as low as before because the previous Revlon sale was quite disappointing as the price is actually higher than the retail price. Anyway, the sale is going to start on Wednesday, 1 May 2013.

Other than that, Michael Todd is also going to be on sale. And other beauty products clearance too. You guys might want to check those out too. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and happy shopping girls!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

  • Woke up, performed Fajr Prayer
  • Went back to sleep because I was too sleepy
  • Woke up at 10
  • Took a shower 
  • Got ready to go to work
  • Had breakfast
  • Went to work
  • Went back home at 2:40 pm to have lunch and pray
  • Went back to work
  • Went home at 6 pm after work
  • Performed Asr Prayer
  • Checked emails and all the social networks
  • Performed Maghrib Prayer
  • Haven't had dinner til now, super hungry
  • And I'm doing this blog post right now

Song of the day:
Satellites by Matthew Perryman Jones


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 11

Okay I had to cheat because I don't have an iPod or music player that can shuffle. I usually use my phone to listen to music. So I picked the first song myself, then the rest of the songs are random.

1. My Oldest Friend by Andrew Belle
Starting with my current favourite song. I explained how obsessed I am with Andrew Belle in my "The Liesbter Award" post so, yeah. It is a sad song. I enjoy listening to sad songs, I found that sad songs make me feel relaxed. 

2. One Grain of Sand by Ron Pope
This song is so relatable. To be honest, this is not really my favourite song from him but I do like it. 

3. Kiss Me by Jason Walker
This is actually an old song by Sixpence None the Richer. I love Jason Walker's version so much more because it's slower than the original song. This song was my favourite song few months ago.

4. Cough Syrup by Young the Giant
My younger sister introduced me to this song. She is a big fan of Glee, so when Blaine (Darren Criss) sang this song, she was really into this song and she said that I should listen to it. And I ended up liking the song too. 

5. Everybody Lies by Jason Walker
Ohh, another song by Jason Walker. :P Used to be my favourite song too. It's a good song. If you like sad songs, you should give it a listen. :)

6. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Andrew Belle
My current favourite!! I know it's a Christmas song, I know. I don't celebrate Christmas (obviously) but I love this song. I don't love the lyrics, I love the music.

7. The Scientist by Glee Cast
The original song is by Coldplay. I love the original version so much and when I watched they sing this version on Glee, I fell in love with the song all over again especially Rachel's part. :')

8. Climbing the Walls by Backstreet Boys
This song is probably the best song from Backstreet Boys. Gosh I love them.

9. The Daylight by Andrew Belle
One of my favourite songs too. :)

10. Fireflies by Ron Pope
This song means a lot to me. People that know me, know why it's special.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 10

Well well well, interesting topic we have today. Of course I'm not going to talk about the first kiss thing. LOL.

If you read my previous posts, you would probably know that I am single now. But please, don't feel sorry or anything, because I'm happy that I'm single. :) Now let's continue. My first love was beautiful. Maybe everybody think the same way. First love is always the sweetest thing ever happened to us. So I met this guy on Myspace (LOL yes I said it) back in 2009, I think. I was 18, I just finished school and I was really into Myspace at that moment. I guess everyone was. :P And one day he added me, and I approved, because he looked cute. Then we became friends, I mean real friends. He was different, I guess I would say. What attracted me the most was his taste in music and of course his appearance because he doesn't look like a "typical-Malay-guy". So yeah, we then became best friends and after months knowing each other, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I said yes because I thought why not, he might be the one. LOL yeah, I was an idiot, but I'm glad I did say yes. Or else, I wouldn't be the person I am today. So we finally met for the first time in 2010 and everything went really well. He was super sweet, he brought me presents and he treated me like a princess. He was my Mr. Right.

But then everything changed. Maybe I wasn't good enough for him. So we went through a really depressing phase, we fought a lot, like every single day. I cried everyday because I loved him too much to lose him. And one day I couldn't stand it anymore, I asked him to go away from me, stop contacting me. And he did. To be honest, I didn't want it to end that way but it did. I did asked him to forgive me, he said he already did, but he doesn't want the relationship anymore. It hurts, of course. It was really hard for me to move on because it was my first love. There's too many sweet memories that I have to get over. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that he is a bad guy, no. He was a good guy, my whole family loved him, but it didn't work out. So we've only been a couple for a year and a half but it was the sweetest "a year and a half" I've ever had.

I'm really glad it all happened. It taught me not to be clingy, and to be more confident with myself. I once thought that I need to have a boyfriend because everyone have one. Well, not anymore. Most importantly, it made me realise that I should turn back to Him.

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was. "


Monday, April 22, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 9

I always thought of this, but I can never imagine how my future will be like. I hope I'm still the same girl I am today, or better. I hope my family is still here with me, cause nothing else matters but them. I hope I'm going to find my soul mate, and live happily ever after. I hope I'm going to be a good grown up woman, a good wife to my husband, a good mom to my children. I hope I have more stable financial. I hope I travel more, because I love travelling.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

To be honest, I don't have that kind of moment, or in other words, I'm not satisfied with my life, yet. I've felt satisfied once, when I got my UPSR result. Because that's the only good exam result I've ever got. I felt satisfied because I got what I've been praying for. But I did not get any offers from boarding schools so, I ended up going to a regular school. So, yeah, that's the only moment that I felt so satisfied with everything but it doesn't long. I am grateful with my life, but I want to make my life a lil bit better, then I would be fully satisfied. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Respect Palette

Hello readers! As you guys know, I got this palette from Magic Chic. Thank you so much Shazil! :) I've featured this palette in an EOTD post before, click here to read it

RM 50++

Unfortunately, yes.

Sleek i-Divine Respect Palette comes in a matte black plastic palette. The palette is really sturdy and compact. It consists of 12 beautiful eye shadows. Each shadow weighs about 1.1 gram or 0.03 oz. It also comes with a double-ended sponge applicator which is what I use to make the swatches. This is my second Sleek palette and I think they have really good affordable eye shadow palette.

Gladys White is a matte true white. It is fairly pigmented and the texture is really soft and smooth.
James Brown is a shimmery taupe colour. Super pigmented and buttery smooth! This is one of my favourite colours in this palette.
Shalamar is a brownish nude colour. It is not too pigmented but you can definitely build it up.
Roberta Black is a matte black colour. I expected this colour to be highly pigmented jet black colour, but nah. It is kind of disappointing, the texture is pretty soft but it lacks of pigmentation.
Vandellas is a matte dark maroon or reddish purple colour. This shadow is not pigmented at all (don't be fooled with the swatch, it took me 4883879874 swipes to get the intensity in the picture). The texture is not as soft as other shadows. This shadow is really disappointing.
Cameo Cream is a matte cream colour which looks almost the same as Gladys White. It is really smooth but applies a little bit chalky (as you can see in the picture).

Count Basi Beige is a matte yellow based cream colour. It is fairly pigmented and soft too.
Aretha Orange is a shimmery true orange colour. The pigmentation is okay, not super super pigmented.
Otis Red is a shimmery hot pink colour. So beautiful and pigmented. 
Motown Mink is a really light brown colour and it is matte too. As you can see, it looks invisible in the picture but believe me, I swiped a good amount of shadow there. I don't know whether the pigmentation is really bad or it matches my skin really well. 
O'Jays is a shimmery coral colour which is my favourite colour of all! Look how beautiful it is! It reminds me Sleek Blush in Rose Gold (which I've been craving for so long). The texture is really, really smooth and super pigmented. What you see is what you get.
New Jack Pink is a matte Barbie pink colour. It is not so pigmented.

I use only this palette to make my first EOTD. I fell in love with O'Jays at the first swipe. I love how shimmery and opaque it is. And then I used Vandellas to deepen the outer corner of my eyes. And it doesn't appear no matter how much I put it. But I'm so impressed with most of the shimmery shadows especially James Brown and O'Jays. They're so beautiful.

Beautiful colours
Shimmery colours are highly pigmented

Some of the matte shadows are not pigmented

I don't know. :/ The mattes are too disappointing. 

If you're okay with sheer eye shadows, then yes.

Overall, I do like this palette especially because I won it. And the shimmery shadows are so beautiful. Ohh, don't forget to check out Shazil's blog, here's the link:

Anyway, thank you much for reading my blog, hope you enjoy reading this post and please stay tuned for a lot more reviews.

P.S: As usual, photos were taken by my sister, Nadhirah Ismailjee