Monday, February 18, 2013

Another MUA Haul?

MUA had a 50% off + free worldwide shipping offer recently and of course I had to buy something. Or some things. I know I shouldn't, but it's too good to resist. 

1. Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist
£2.50 or RM12 (The price was originally £5)

I needed a makeup setting spray so I bought this one. I have tried it but I'm not sure if this stuff really works because I notice that my makeup still fade. 

2. Matte Perfect Loose Powder
£1.15 or RM5.50 (The price was originally £2.30)

I bought this one because I wanted a loose powder. I wanted the ELF Studio High Definition Powder but well, I found this one and it is cheaper, so why not.

3. MUA Blusher in Shade 3, Shade 4 and Shade 5
£0.50 or RM2.40 each (The price was originally £1)

I already have two of these and I absolutely love them. So I decided to get them in all colours. The only colour that I did not manage to get was Shade 1 because it was out of stock. 

4. Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Blossom and Yummy
£1 or RM4.80 (The price was originally £2)

I went a little bit crazy with the blushes. I don't know, I'm so into blushes lately. I already have this one in Dolly and it is pretty amazing. I wish MUA came up with more colours because I really love them.

5. MUA Eye Primer
£1.25 or RM6 (The price was originally £2.50)

I'm running out of my ELF Eyelid Primer and wanted to try a new one. I've seen a lot of good reviews for this primer so I thought I would give it a try.

6. 12 Shade Heaven and Earth Palette
£2 or RM9.60 (The price was originally £4)

My favourite palette from MUA! I loved it so much I decided to pick up another one. Well, it is not for me though (hint: giveaway, maybe?). 

7. Extreme Metallics Eyeshadows in Go Getter
£1.50 or RM7.20 (The price was originally £3)

I saw a lot of good reviews for this quad at MUA's website. But sadly the pigmentation is just, meh. I expected it to be more pigmented as it is pricier but I personally think that their regular shadows are way better than this one, and a lot cheaper too. 

8. MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 28
£0.50 or RM2.40 (The price was originally £1)

I just wanted to try their single eye shadows. They seems pretty so I bought one in Shade 28. I'm impressed with the pigmentation in this one, it is highly pigmented! I will do more in depth review for this shadow because it deserves a proper review.

9. Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in Stolen Kisses
£1 or RM4.80 (The price was originally £2)

I wanted more of these but they were out of stock. :( This is the only one that I managed to get. And it is so freaking pigmented and not sticky at all!

10. Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in Buff and Peach Shimmer
£1 or RM4.80 each (The price was originally £2)

I picked these up because most of the Intense Kisses Glosses were out of stock. I've never tried any kind of plumping lip gloss before, so these are my first ones. 

11. Love Hearts Lip Balm in Kiss Me
£1 or RM4.80 (The price was originally £2)

I bought this one for my sister because I love the packaging. Oh and it smells soooooo good! (I kind of regret not buying one for myself. Hehe.)

So that's all that I bought from the sale. Hope you guys enjoy the post. Thank you so much for reading my blog, stay tuned for a lot more reviews. :)

P.S : All the pictures above were taken by my sister, Nadhirah Ismailjee.



  1. i'm not into blusher tp semua kaler mmg cntik!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes hun, all the way from UK. :) Check out their website:

      Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. great haul, so jealous! haha but inshaAllah, soon I'll purchase it.

    1. Awh don't be! Hehe. Can't wait for you haul post! :D

  4. MUA nih online ker or retail shop?

    1. Online shop pun ada. Check out their website:

      Thanks for following me! :)

  5. Reading and viewing the photos in this haul makes me cry for my lost package ( ;-; ) thankfully MUA has refunded me.
    What saddened me the most was that it had some items I wanted to give away...

    How long did it take to arrive to Malaysia?

    1. Awh that's sad. :( I've already ordered twice from them but never experienced any lost parcel before. Too bad that happened to you. :/ Well, it took about 2-3 weeks to arrive here which is quite fast for a normal airmail, in my opinion. :)

  6. wahh more cheaper than i buy before this.hurm next time klu ade loose powder tu buy for me too can?

    1. It was on sale so it was crazy cheap! :D Boleh dear, just email me at to order. :)


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