Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Darks Palette

Hello! It has been a while since I last update my blog. So today I would like to review a product that I bought at few weeks ago. I blogged about Luxola in my previous post (Click here to read it) so go check it out. Moving on to the review.

RM 50 at (Postage fee is not included)


The Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Darks Palette comes in a very sleek matte black palette. It consists of 12 matte eye shadows. Each shadow weighs about 1.1 gram or 0.03 oz. It comes with a dual-ended sponge applicator which I think is useful for people who doesn't have brushes.

I got the single eye shadow for free when I purchased the palette. I will make a review on it later. 

Orbit is a teal colour that has the best pigmentation in this palette.
Ink is a navy blue colour.
Thunder is a light grey colour.
Maple is a plum colour.

Highness is a gorgeous bright purple colour.
Noir is a really dark green almost black colour.
Flesh is a nude peach.
Paper Bag is a dark brown colour.

Dune is a cream colour.
Pillow Talk is an off-white colour.
Villan is a dark purple colour. I've used this colour once to do a 'smokey eyes' look and it looks gorgeous. But the shadow can be a little bit hard to blend sometimes.
Fern is a dark green colour. I haven't use this one yet but I really love the colour!

These shadows are really soft and so pigmented! If you see closely, the colour Flesh is slightly defected because I accidentally broke it using the plastic that came with the palette. That shows how soft the shadows are. For RM50, I think this palette is a must-have palette for all matte eye shadow lovers.

Super pigmented
Buttery smooth
Gorgeous colours

The palette could be hard to open sometimes. Maybe because it's new, I'm not sure about that. But I really love the packaging, don't get me wrong!

Yes, with no doubt.

Yes yes yes!

Overall, I really love this palette. It is perfect for everyday wear. If you love and can't live without shimmery shadows, you might not like this palette. But this palette is really cheap, you're not going to regret buying it. Thank you so much for reading my blog and stay tuned for more reviews. :)



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