Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Favourites

Hello! September has been a really great month to me. And this is my first favourites post. I have been using these products quite a lot this month. And I am so in love with all of them! So keep reading for more information about these incredible products.

1. theBalm Nude 'Tude palette
I've been using this palette for months now and I am still in love with it! It is my favourite neutral eye shadow palette of all! I can never get enough of it. (Click here for the review)

2. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT
I got this sample-sized fragrance from the September FabulousFinds Beauty Box. And of course, I fell in love with it. It smells really good and it is the perfect scent for me. The picture is from my previous post (Click here to read) because I forgot to take a picture of it. So sorry about that. 

3. Mentholatum Lip Gel
This is my favourite lip gel ever. It is like the only lip gel / lip balm that ever worked for my extremely chapped lips. I have tried a lot of other lip balms but I keep on turning back to this one. It is super moisturizing and cheap! I don't remember the price, but it is really affordable.  

4. Silkygirl Moisture Smooth Lipstick

I bought this lipstick couple weeks ago because I liked the colour. But I never purchased any of them before. I didn't realize that this lipstick is my favourite until I found myself keeping this lipstick in my purse everywhere I go. The colour suits me really well. And for the price, it is surprisingly super moisturizing! I didn't expect it to be this awesome, really. But it is! And I might do a review on it later.

5. e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow

I got this palette for months now. I don't really like it at first because I thought that they have bad pigmentation, quite powdery and chalky. But for some reason, I kept on using it whenever I wear eye shadows. It takes time for me to like it. And I really like it now. Sometimes I just want a really natural looking eyes and they're perfect for that. I can just use the light brown colour all over my lids and it really add depth to my eyes. So they're perfect for my lazy days.

6. Garnier Light BB 
Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on
I have really bad dark circles last month and this BB Eye Roll-on saved my life. It is kind of like a concealer but less creamy because they're water-based. So no matter how much you put under your eye, it will absorb into your skin and leaving it looking super fresh and bright. Sadly, you cannot use it on blemishes or pigmentation because they're not pigmented enough to cover them. But I still love them for my dark circles! 

7. NYX Provocateur Mascara
I am in love with this mascara! It worked really well with my short and straight lashes and it doesn't clump! 

8. Garnier BB Cream 
Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer

I've been using this BB cream along with the Garnier BB eye roller and they're amazing together. This BB cream has light to medium coverage. And yes, it is moisturizing. My skin is really dry and most BB creams will not work for me. But this one does and my skin looks really natural and fresh whenever I wear it. So it is my absolute favourite this month.

Non-beauty favourites

The Perishers' Sway is my favourite song at the moment. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic, I like this kind of songs. I can't stop listening to this song once I started listening to it. Gosh, I am obsessed with this song! Yayy for The Perishers!

Estée from Essie Button is my favourite blogger/vlogger of the month. She is amazing, and soooooo gorgeous! I love all her videos and blog post. I don't know, I think she is different (in a good way), and funny and I love her! Do check her out. You will not regret.

And this is my favourite cat of the month! Just kidding. My cat is always my favourite. :D

So that's it for the favourites of September. I am so excited to do more of this kind of post. Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more!

p/s : Credits to Nadhirah Ismailjee for all the amazing pictures!


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