Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sad News: Fabulous Finds Announced Discontinuation

Yes, this is true. It is confirmed that Fabulous Finds is discontinuing. Fabulous Finds announced about it on October 12, on their Facebook. I feel extremely sad once I've found out about it. I just subscribed to them on September (which I was raving about here) and I was super excited for October box. Sadly, there will be no October box. :(

This is what Hui Ling, the Fabulous Finds Founder/CEO said on the status:

" [Announcement]: My sincere apologies for the long absence in which I have not been able to attend to emails and Facebook queries. I have been very ill for the past 3 weeks and continue to be so. As a result, it is with a very heavy heart that I announce the discontinuation of Fabulous Finds, given the need to concentrate on my recovery as I battle this long-term illness. The September box is the l
ast and final Fabulous Finds box and I am truly sad to announce that there will not be an October edition or future boxes.

In the next one week, my urgent priority will be to arrange for the refund of all payments which have been made in advance for the Fabulous Finds boxes. To me, it is of paramount importance that all subscribers are reassured that refunds will be made promptly and correctly.

1) Termination of all Monthly Subscription (Recurring Payments) with immediate effect.

- If you have signed up for a Monthly subscription, please be assured that your credit card will no longer be charged RM35 every month for the subscription to Fabulous Finds effective from today.

- If your credit card has already been deducted as payment for the October box (depending on your billing cycle), a refund will be made to your credit card via ipay88. The refunds will be done systematically in alphabetical order of subscribers over the next one week.

- Emails will be sent out to each individual subscriber over the course of the coming week. Thank you for your patience in waiting your turn for the refunds.

2) Refund of advance payments made for the Annual, 6-month, 3-month and 1-month Subscriptions/ Gifts

- If you have signed up for the Annual, 6-month, 3-month and 1-month Subscriptions/ Gifts, refunds will be made to you for boxes you have made advance payment for.

- For instance, if you signed up for the 6-month subscription (paid RM210 (RM35 x 6)) and received the July, August and September boxes, a refund of RM105 (RM35 x 3) will be made to you for the advance payment of the October, November and December boxes which unfortunately I am not able to deliver to you.

- In another example, if you have just recently made payment for the 3-month box (intended start date for Oct), you will be refunded in full for the 3-months paid.

- The refunds will be made to subscribers in alphabetical order within each category.

- Emails will be sent out to each individual subscriber over the course of the coming week. Thank you for your patience in waiting your turn for the refunds.

For those of you who have bought the Fabulous Finds boxes as gifts for friends and loved one, I am especially sorry I am unable to complete the delivery of the thoughtful presents you have purchased for your giftees.

For those of you who have received the July, August and/or September boxes for yourselves, I truly hope you have enjoyed sampling them as much as I have loved putting them together for you.

Indeed, thank you for the opportunity to delight you with specially curated beauty items over the past few months. Thank you also for the pleasure of getting to know some of you having spoken to you over the phone or maintained correspondence via email or Facebook.

My apologies once again for not being able to continue with the provision of this service. It's been a very difficult decision and I leave with a heavy heart, having put all my heart, soul and passion into starting and running Fabulous Finds.

With much love and sincere apologies,
Hui Ling "
I love Fabulous Finds so much. I can't explain my feelings when I found that my favourite beauty box is discontinuing. They're the cheapest monthly subscription beauty box and there will be no other. And I feel so sorry for what happened to Hui Ling, I'm hoping the best for her. Get well soon, dear Hui Ling. We will always support you.

I sent a message to them on September 23, to tell them about my review for their September box and they were so friendly. Which makes me even sadder. Come back Fabulous Finds, come back. :'(

Sincerely, the saddest girl in the world,

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