Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Elianto Splendour Shadow Eyeshadows

I have finally bought Elianto eyeshadows! I am soooo excited to use all these beautiful shadows. I bought the shadows with the palette because Elianto was having a sale where you can buy the palette for only RM5 (original price is RM15) if you buy 4 eye shadow refills. That's a great deal so I decided to give them a try.

Click the picture above to go to their website.

This is really an awesome offer so go get them, girls! Keep reading to see what colour I picked. :)

Eyeshadows + palette = RM45
Splendour Shadow = RM10 each
Palette only = RM 15 each

Any Elianto outlet. You can also buy them online at or But Zalora don't carry Elianto's eyeshadows.

No! :)

I picked the shadows in 02 Maroon Pink, 07 Shell Beige, 08 Plum Purple, and 13 Saddle Brown. I picked all Splendour Shadow because I really love the texture and the colours. These eyeshadows are really velvety smooth. The colours are highly highly pigmented so I can tell these eyeshadows would last a long time! Each of them weighs about 2 grams. All of them are completely matte. I am a crazy big fan of matte eyeshadows. I don't think I could ever pull off glittery eye looks so glitters aren't my best friends.

The palette is quite sturdy but it can be hard to open sometimes. So you have to be extra careful when you open it because you might drop it. The design is okay, I don't really fancy it. I'm a plain-matte-black-palette kind of girl. Because shiny palettes will look ugly when they're all scratched and everything.

The palette comes with a pretty big mirror inside which is very convenient to use.

The size of the shadows are quite big to be compared to M.A.C. eyeshadows. The shadows come in a plastic container instead of tin or metal container because the palette uses double-sided tape to stick the eyeshadows in. So it might be hard to depot these shadows. Nay for that.

07 Shell Beige is a matte beige. The texture is buttery smooth and it is rich with pigmentation. This colour is gorgeous for inner corner highlights. 

02 Maroon Pink is a light hot pink with blue undertones in it. This colour is matte as well. 

13 Saddle Brown is a rich matte brown colour.

08 Plum Purple is a dark plummy colour with a matte finish. This colour is beautiful to deepen the outer corner of my eyes. Or you can just use it alone for that smokey eyes look. Also, you can use it as a liner because it is crazy pigmented.

Here are the swatches. From above, Shell Beige, Maroon Pink, Saddle Brown, and lastly Plum Purple. You can tell that these eyeshadows are highly pigmented by this photo. I only swiped once on each colour to get them on my fingers. 

The ingredients are different in every shadows but I totally forgot to take the photos. Ugh I need to do something with my memory.

The Splendour Shadow caught my attention first because they are all matte. I wanted to buy a few glittery eyeshadows but the colours weren't really interesting. So I swatch few of these shadows and my first thought was, "These are the softest shadows I've ever swatch!". I wanted to pick some bright colours but I might not use them as I prefer wearable eyeshadows more. Picking colours is the hardest part of all. I think they have 15 choice of colours for Splendour Shadow only and a lot more for the other lines! 

Velvety smooth texture
The best pigmentation for matte shadows!

I think Elianto could do better for the palette. I would not buy the palette if it wasn't RM5.

Yes for the shadows. maybe for the palette.

Definitely yes for the amazing shadows. And no, I wouldn't recommend the palette.

So that is everything. If you're eyeshadows lover, go check them out now! The sale will end on 31st October, I think. Stay tuned for more reviews and thank you so much for reading my blog!

P/s: Nadhirah Ismailjee took all these beautiful pictures. Thanks to her!



  1. sy bru berjinak-jinak nk pakai makeup..thanks for this review..blhla try sbb eyelid sy berminyak..kna cari matte eyeshadow..

    1. Hehe. Try lah! Memang tak rugi beli. Cepat2 beli sementara ada promotion lagi. :)

  2. hmm I'm looking for any good product frm Elianto as I saw them got warehouse sales. Eye shadow like u shown above selling at RM1 for 3 at Shamelin warehouse. But bear in mind that near expire date. Mind exchange link with me?

    1. Wow that's a great deal! You should get their eyeshadows, they're good! Exchange link? How? :)

  3. It's soft and pigmented but it's not easy to blend evenly.

    1. I've never experienced that with these eyeshadows. Maybe some of them are not as blendable but the price is very reasonable so I don't really mind. :)


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